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Tim Tebow Traded to Jets After All

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Adam Schefter says the Jets and the Broncos have hammered out the sticking points in the Tim Tebow trade that will bring the former Bronco to New York.

NY has agreed to pay half of the $5 million in compensation back to Denver that was in dispute in Tim Tebow trade.

I have probably said enough for one day on this matter. I am opposed to this trade and think it is the wrong move. Those who agree with me now can only do one thing, hope we are wrong and that Tebow is great. I think it is legitimate to question this move, the way the Jets handled it, and what the team gave up. We are not done looking into this here on GGN. We are all Jets fans, though, and all will hope he succeeds, even if we disagree.

Here is to Tim Tebow proving all of us wrong.