Tebow To The Jets Unleashes My Inner Sparano

Too much Madden has obviously gotten to me. Even though the deal may not go through I couldn't help thinking of many scenarios where having two QB"s in at the same time can help. First of all the Jets can go shotgun 3 wide, with Tebow to Sanchez's left. Sanchez takes the snap hands it off to Tebow, who takes one step, fooling the defense into thinking he is going to run, and then he unleashes a bomb touchdown. The Jets can also do the same play on third and short to pick up first downs if Tebow runs up the middle. The Jets can also do a ton of option stuff a la Denver last year. Tebow had many snaps where he made the choice at the line, either to pitch it or run with it, and having Tebow can give Sanchez more options. It also hypothetically would protect Sanchez by giving him a quick outlet in case of rampant pressure because of a weak O Line. My brain is just getting fueled up, and while obviously these are all totally gimmicks, I think they could theoretically work in the real world.

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