Stop complaining in this Tim Tebow aftermath

Like most of you I've been following the Jets off season moves. Some people have positive things to say, while others (usually the same ones), continuously run every thing into the ground that you don't like. This latest move is the most recent in a string of controversial moves by Mike Tannenbaum. My question to anyone who reads this is, why do we need to question every move the guy makes?

I'm not a Tim Tebow fan in any way, but I can see where this move makes sense. If it doesn't pan out, and the trade is voided, I won't blame the GM. It's all been low risk and high reward. This has been a good (not great) off season in my opinion. Here's why.

Every team in the NFL is signing insane deals. First the Bills doled out 100 million for 1 player. I like Mario Williams, but the Jets didn't trade the farm to create cap space to get 1 guy that might or might not pan out. Let's face it though, if Mario has a 6 or 7 sack year every year for 5 years, the 50 million guaranteed isn't worth it. Good move Jets for not overspending or pursuing a money pit.

Broncos sign Manning for a 100 million. Maybe he's back to normal, and maybe he's not. I do know they have to pay him 20 million this year and 40 milion next year. Thats 1/3 of the team salary just about for 1 player. Now 50 guys have to split 2/3 of the money? Bad idea in my book.

The Seahawks signed Matt Flynn for 26 million and 3 years. Thats more than 8 million a year for a guy who has played in 2 games! Seriously? I see a potential good player, but I also see another Kevin Kolb in disguise.

Next was the Jets moves. They signed Chaz Schillens, a large and fast receiver. They signed Drew Stanton, a 1 year pocket QB to be a veteran backup. They signed Laron Landry who was the #1 rated safety in free agency. They got 3 players to plug 3 holes and spent maybe 6.5 million dollars. 1 or Maybe 2 will be starters.

They got depth in the front seven by re-signing Bryan Thomas, who I think was the best outside linebacker on this team the past 3 years or so on a 1 year deal. They brought back Pouha for a 3 year deal, which allows them to cut ties with him before he starts to decline.

All these moves are wins in my book. I also heard a rumor that they brought in Donnie Avery on a workout. If you don't remember him, he was a 1st round pick that ran a 4.3 at the combine and an unofficial 4.29 at his pro day a few years ago. He also caught 90 passes for 1,500 yards at the Univ. of Houston. That's all yesteryear though. Since the Rams drafted him, he got hurt with a knee injury, but he's a low risk high reward guy if his knee is ok by now.

The options with 2 receivers with experience with tons of speed. 1 a big target, the other a short shifty target, are great. A hard hitting strong safety with credentials, play making ability, and has been a tackling machine. The best part is they were all relatively inexpensive, and all 24-27 years of age. All in their prime, and all cheap.

Instead of saying good job for not reaching for high priced free agents that broke the bank, I instead saw people saying we should have gotten Peyton. Why didn't they go after Eric Winston, or Mario Williams? How many 50 million and 100 million dollar contracts does the average fan think can fit on one team?

Now this Tebow thing happens. I"m not a Tebow fan because he can't throw, but I do think he is a football player without a position. He does make things happen, he's a big guy and hard to bring down. If the Jets want to get back to a Wildcat based attack that Sparano ran in Miami, then I agree Tebow is a great option to do it. He is 10 times better than Ronnie Brown, and a better threat to pass the ball. Before people get up in arms, the Dolphins ran the Wildcat maybe 5% of the time, even though it's all people talk about when mentioning them. If Tebow helps the Jets by having a package just for him where he can run, throw, or option, I'm all for it. I trust that Tannenbaum is making good decisions now, because he has done so in the past. I trust that Sparano can make it work, because he has already with the 09 Dolphins. Why do we as fans have to question, complain, and cry about every decision we don't like? Isn't there a way to disagree without calling Tannenbaum an idiot who doesn't know what he's doing?

Last thing I want to mention is this idea that it is Mike's fault if the trade does not go through, and the Tebow deal is voided. That he is somehow inept for not reading the trade agreement thoroughly The Jets have a 53 man roster, a practice squad, a free agent market to watch, players to re-sign, a draft to prepare for, pro day workouts to attend. Why would anyone in their right mind think that Mike Tannenbaum is the sole and only person that reads through contracts to see what the other team wants in the trade?

A GM is the top of the pyramid. There are sports lawyers that read through contracts to check verbiage. Mike just gets the gist as all GM's probably do, and he says "I'm willing to give up this to get that". The average NFL contract in the 1940's was 1 page long. The average NFL rookie deal today is 30-35 pages long.

When you add in the above factors there is no way that 1 person is reading line for line, the entirety of contract for all these players. Players are cut 1 day, and signed by another team the next day. Trades can happen in a matter of hours. Please don't blame Mike Tannenbaum, or call him incompetent if the Jets don't trade because no one saw the Broncos wanted them to pay 5 million up front for Tebow. I am almost certain he is not a a specialist in sports contracts. Blame the sports contract lawyers who are supposed to read it and fill him in on it. There's a whole career out there just for that. That way, there's a person to specialize in it, and do that as their sole responsibility.

I don't mean to be overly lengthy, but the negativity towards every Jets move has become somewhat annoying since the end of this 8-8 season. I hope you all remember where you were mentally, and what you were complaining about the next time one of the following things happens:

Chaz Schillens is made a #2 receiver and catches a TD in 3 of the first 4 games. (If he beats out everyone on the depth chart, why not? Starters should earn the spot, not be given the spot).

Mark Sanchez throws for 28 TD's and 9 INT's and the Jets go 12-4. (Could happen. Chad Pennington had 3,600 yards and 20 TD's in that offense and also passed the ball 500 times, despite it being a running offense).

Wayne Hunter gives up 4 sacks all season. (2 million for a starter that gives up 4 sacks all year wouldn't be half bad).

Tim Tebow runs for 400 yards. Passes for 600 yards. Accounts for 8-10 touchdowns from the wildcat throwing and running. (This is what I believe they want to bring him in for).

Open your minds Jets fans. The team, the playbook, and the season, are not whatever traditional thing you have seen in the past, or have your hearts and minds set on. Things are fluid, salary caps and rosters change, and coaches and front offices must change with them. Instead of being overly critical of everything, because you have a preconceived notion of what you think a football team should be, just enjoy the show.

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