Our New Running Back

Tim Tebow is a 6'3" 236 pound running quarterback. But what if he could translate that skill into becoming a natural running back. Tebow has been known to be a gym rat bench pressing around 500 pounds. Imagine if he really started working out instead of being held back because he was the quarterback. Tebow has the speed to get the the second level and the power to get by the first. He wouldnt be the first quarterback to make the transition to a new position.

If you watch the video and ignore the passing plays he actually runs pretty effectively. Yes this is against the jets so we know the players hes facing. It is also true that Denver ran an offense that allowed him to succed but plays are designed for running backs to succed to.

[HD] Tim Tebow - The Drive III - Mile High Magic - 2011 (via HarmonicaMan69)

Orginaly hines ward was drafted as a quarterback but translated his skills to wide reciever. Tebow has a ton of physical RUNNING talent that can be harnessed. I for one think this not a bad move IF this is what they were considering doing.

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