The Ringless Bros. Circus ( cont. )...

... continued today with The Jet franchise, as it was reported that they had traded for Denver QB T. Tebow. The compensation was initially reported as a 4th round pick in the upcoming draft. The GGN comments began, from all team's fans. It was not a popular decision with Jet fans, as many pointed out the needs to fill other holes being greater than acquiring "a side-show act that would cause more trouble than he is worth". Troller's were lighting up the website( record numbers, many from teams who were relieved to find out that T. Tebow was not coming to their favorite team.

It was later reported the compensation was not just a 4th round pick(say Goodbye to WR T. Streeter), but also a sixth round pick(say Goodbye to the best P available). In return The Jets would get Denver's pick in the 7th round and a QB who won games with his legs(and great defense and ST). Tebow's contract calls for about 3mil. over the next 3 years. I had mixed feeling's at this point, but was shocked to say the least that a team with so many question marks would opt for a "Slash" type player instead of addressing the needs at hand.

It is currently being reported this deal may fall through, as The Bronco's also wanted to be re- imbursed the remaining 5 mil. dollars of T. Tebow's signing bonus. This is un- precedented in NFL trades, but could be the blessing in disguise that brings the Jet's F.O. to it's collective senses. At over almost 3 mil. per year over the next three year's the team would be better off signing RB M. Bush. They would get a player to compliment S. Greene, as Bush has done in Oakland behind McFadden( He fell just short of 1,000 yds. rushing last season). I am sure M.T. could swing a three year deal with Bush who is under 30 yrs. old and has played a majority of his years as a b/u or compliment player. This makes much more sense to me, as it replaces L.T.'s production(and then some), and the Jets give up no draft picks.

If this trade goes through it will likely mean the end of many things for "Gang Green". I would say we could start the list with QB M. Sanchez, who the team just invested both time and money into. It would also most likely lead to the firing of GM M. Tannenbaum(unless by some fluke the deal panned out and the Jets won a SB). It would also lead to the end of the "Rex Ryan" era in N.Y.; Jet fans pay the most in the entire NFL to see a home game, and they deserve more for their money. Jet fans "Worldwide" invest time, money and their emotion's on a yearly basis, it's high time they(we) are rewarded for our effort's as well as that of the entire franchise. Just ask yourself before making a deal like this: " would Pitts./N.E./Balt./N.Y.G. or G.B do this if they were in our shoes? If the answer is no, why in the F_ _ K would we?

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