I am so sick of this franchising doing anything it can to grab attention. Mike Tannebaum is more clueless on how to run a franchise then I have ever seen anyone else. We all were laughing at the Dolphins, but now THIS! This is the circus, laughing stock, joke of a franchise, and most chaotic management known to the NFL....I have given up on the Jets..I am sick of these antics and the endless publicity stunts....Until Tannebaum is fired and possibly even Rex for being any part of this mess of an organization, I will not root for the Jets. I may even root against them now I am just so livid right now!

If anyone wants to make a petition for the firing of Tannebaum I am all ears because I am done watching this franchise seduce it's dedicated and loyal fans; no matter how much crap they can do to them, only to do things that make no sense towards building a franchise....It makes me sick thinking that Billichek is laughing at us right now and probably thinking "Ha am I glad that I am not in that organization anymore!" I WANT TANNEBAUM FIRED NOW! If anyone wants to make advertisements for his firing I am all ears...and even though I dont have much money I would be willing to contribute..Like JoeKlecko I am done with this franchise until they start making changes

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