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Tim Tebow Trade Approval Poll

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More details have come in from the Tim Tebow trade. The Jets received Tebow and a seventh round pick from Denver for a fourth round pick and a sixth round pick per Cimini.

Now let's talk about whether this was a good move or not for the Jets. I find it very difficult to see the light on this one.

Tebow will be effective in the Wildcat package. That is a plus. There is a problem with that, though. The Jets already had an effective Wildcat quarterback, Jeremy Kerley. Kerley only had a couple of passes in preseason and regular season games, but I think he threw a better ball than what I have seen from Tebow.

Even if the Jets did not have Kerley, it is difficult to see the sense in this move. A Wildcat quarterback is a spare part. The Jets have limited resources and serious needs at much more important positions. Giving up a roster spot, money against the cap, and picks for Tebow is not the best use of these limited resources.

I thought the Jets needed to get somebody to challenge Mark Sanchez, but is Tebow really the guy? He was one of the least efficient quarterbacks throwing the ball in NFL history last season. The team can claim Sanchez is the starter. Quarterback controversies are caused by external forces. Given the limelight of New York and Tebow's legion of devoted fans, we are about to experience a quarterback controversy the likes of which the NFL has never seen before.

If Sanchez gets off to a slow start, the pressure will be enormous to put in a guy who cannot throw a football well at all. It would be one thing to have David Garrard. If Sanchez got off to a slow start, there would be calls for his benching, but the Jets would have somebody who could play adequate football. Now they might put in a guy whose normal day is about as bad as Sanchez's worst day. Tebow quietly was awful even in a lot of the games where he led winning drives and got a ton of hype.

This does not feel like a football move. It feels like a move made to generate buzz and sell merchandise and tickets. Wildcat quarterback is not a need. Outside linebacker is. Free safety is. Right tackle is. This is a Redskins move. This is a Cowboys move. This is a Raiders move.