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Tim Tebow Traded to Jets

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The Jets have acquired Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow for a fourth round pick according to Jay Glazer.

Normally I would be more upset about this, but I came to understand and accept a few weeks back that Mike Tannenbaum has become really bad at his job over the past year. This move really does not make a ton of sense on any number of levels, but the most disturbing part of it is how it displays the Jets really do not have any sort of structured plan on building their franchise.

They hire Tony Sparano to try and go ground and pound. They give their quarterback, whose value is diminished by Sparano's philosophy, one of the richest contracts in the sport and decide to commit to him for two years. Now they trade for another quarterback for whom a large segment of the fan base and media will be calling to start immediately.

Discuss below. If you can figure this one out, let me know.