What is Tebow Worth?

So, due to the new reports on the Jets' interest in Tim Tebow, I think the most important question is; "What is he worth?"

Here's my initial impression. The most I would be willing to give up for Timothy is a third round pick plus a later-round pick (whether that is a fifth, sixth, or seventh). To me, the risk we're taking in trading away draft picks is worth the reward our opponents have to spend taking Tebow into account in their gameday preparation. It is rare that someone beyond the second round is cause for alarm in the NFL.

Gameday prep: every second an opponent spends on looking at Tebow tape is an overall benefit to our offense. I AM NOT saying he hides our mistakes and shortcomings. What I am saying is that it doesn't make preparing for a run-first Jets offense any easier.

Flexibilty: Imagine someone who could line up where Jeff Cumberland, Bilal Powel (includes John Conner), Jeremy Kerley, or Mark Sanchez should be. If you told me there was a 2012 draft pick who could conceivably all of those positions, I would tell you to sign me up.

Locker Room nonsense: I think locker room cohesiveness is a load of crap. It's pretty simple; if you win things are great, if you lose things are crap. I make my living playing as a professional musician and if I'm not happy with the way my band mates are playing, its a bad gig. Doesn't matter how much it pays, its still not a fun thing to do. I feel like its the same way in the NFL

Pushing Mark Sanchez: What I can say is that the gig is easier when there are more indians and less chiefs in the room. If you're Tim Tebow, and you just got traded for way less than you were taken in the draft, it's in your interest to be an indian. Tim is the perfect backup to push Mark Sanchez. Why? Because both are measured by their winning percentage and performance in the playoffs. Mark is a winner. So is Tim. Good luck using the "I'm a winner and the leader of this team" excuse anymore Sanchize. There is someone waiting to prove you wrong.

So, what's he worth to you? I think a third rounder and change would be a fair deal for Tebowmania. Mind you I haven't mentioned it yet, but I absolutely despise Tim Tebow. But for the Jets, they may get their moneys worth.

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