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Tebow and the Jets Could Work

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Now before any of you send out a firing squad for me, listen to what I have to say. I think everyone is looking at this whole Tebow situation in the wrong light. It seems the Jets interest in Tebow is actually legit, and not only "kicking his tires." This has led to battle lines being drawn. I for one have a different opinion than some. At the end of this, you can call me crazy, I won't be offended.

In Denver, Tebow was given the title of 3rd string QB. This gives the impression that he actually has a shot to be the QB. This gives the cult that follows him around, the opportunity to clammer for his rise to starter. I believe if he is brought here, the Jets would make sure he isn't considered a QB option at all. He would be put ahead of Josh Baker at FB, or ahead of Cumberland at TE. If, and only if, we can get past the possibility of people calling for Tebow, every time Mark stumbles. We could have a real steal on our hands.

When I look at Tebow, I don't see a QB. When I look at Tebow, I see a Brad Smith type player. I see a guy that can come in for 5 plays a game, and run a wildcat or triple option offense. At the very least, teams would have to spend extra time preparing for him. Maybe Tebow can also wind up being a decent TE in two TE sets. Tebow is a horrible QB, but a great football player. If we can allow him to just be a football player, and take the QB option out of the picture. He can thrive.

Some of you might think it's a pipe dream to think his cult will accept his role as a utility player, and you might be right. I just believe it would be foolish to ignore the possible benefits of a Tebow trade. Who knows, we might even be able to dump Bart Scott or Hunter in the process. My question to you guys is, if we can make sure there isn't any backlash on Sanchez if he struggles, why not get Tebow?