Miami and NYJ: the difference between two front offices in the Offseason

So you heard the story of a team who has a QB that was awful right? And a front office that had a terrible season and made bad decisions? What if I told you that two teams in the same division had this problem but are going in completely opposite directions in terms of decision making? One has seemingly started to fill in the holes slowly, but surely while another kicks the tires and has them blown out in their face. Welcome to the AFC East where the Dolphins are lost treading water, and the Jets are getting better by being smarter.

After reading this article, it made me realize how much our offseason hasn't sucked. Both the Jets and Miami had disappointing years, a major hole, and fans had little faith in the front office.

Still, it is a worth a look at how we have begun our offeason and how they have handled theirs thus far. Arguably our biggest need was at safety while theirs was at QB. We did not jump at the first guy, nor did we overpay. Instead, we found a really good deal, who, if he stays healthy will be a great upgrade at FS. The Dolphins... well they did the opposite and spent theirs chasing big deals without a plan B. They went out for Manning and Flynn, and both they struck out. They lost to Denver (not super surprised) and Seattle (seriously?) for their targets. Now they are basically stuck with Matt Moore or David Garrard who hasn't played since 2010. Ouch. The only other option is to reach for a the Texas A&M QB at number 8, but that is a long shot. Also, they had to dump Brandon Marshall because he could not handle the nightlife. So long best playmaker for a few picks. Their offseason has turned south. (Last years was even worse, as they openly flirted with Harbaugh, only to lose him and give more money to Sparano, only for him to become our coach.) Our offseason has done juuuuuuuuuust a bit better this year than theirs in my opinion.

I don't think many Jet fans are dreading the new year like the Dolphins are. In fact, I think most Jet fans are somewhat content at how Mike T has handled free agency so far. We've so far added cap because of the Sanchez restructure, restructured DBrick, fixed a major hole at safety, brought back an excellent D lineman (making sure it remains a strength), and brought in a WR that many other teams coveted. Plus, we kept a good locker room presence in BT while keeping depth and resigned our clutch kicker in minor deals. When you look at the scope of what the Jets have accomplished so far, it really shows that Mike T isn't a total incompetent boob.

Now, I'm not saying we don't have holes. (RT is a major, major hole) Still, from two months ago where we couldn't decide who was coaching the offense and had 0 faith in management, it's a great improvement. I think we all see the plan now, that the Jets wait until the market settles where discounts can be found, and make a move. It's even a marked improvement from last year, where we went hard after Nhamdi and didn't have a plan B. Our Miami this year with the QB's. Even better, it seems the Jets aren't making any really baffling decisions or announcements in awhile. Progress?

Still, when you step back and look at the results so far you can see the difference from a front office that had a bad year and one that is very incompetent. So far, I am content at how the offseason has gone. Get me a RT and we go to happy, have a solid draft and I'll be elated. Hey, being content is a lot better than a QB combo of Moore and Garrard.

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