Schefter: Jets Have "Discussed" Trading For Tim Tebow

I really have no interest in spreading Tebow hype, especially relating to the Jets. Still, you have to admit that out of countless sources that we use at GGN, Adam Schefter is among the most reliable. Which is why it's notable that Schefter is reporting via twitter that the Jets are among the half dozen or so teams that are expressing at least minimal interest in Tebow.

Adam Schefter ‏ @AdamSchefter

Here's one other team that has discussed trading for Tim Tebow, even if it is considered a longshot: the Jets.

That's right, GGN faithful. It's now featured on ESPN as well as that the Jets are at least talking about kicking the tires on a potential trade. Before you go crazy, the supposed interest expressed in Tebow by all of the alleged suitors ranges from a 2nd to a 7th round conditional pick. The Jaguars and the Packers are the two other identified teams that are not denying interest in Tim Tebow. San Francisco and the Miami Dolphins are denying any interest, while the Packers apparently may be willing to part with a late round pick. The Jaguars new owner has expressed interest in Tebow, and Jacksonville is far and away the most likely destination for the young QB, as the smaller market is desperate for a boost in attendance and the Florida alumni could bring the sort of hype the Jags so desperately need.

My first instinct is that the Jets interest is being overstated even as a long shot, and that's just assuming it isn't a perpetuated substanceless rumor. But if the Jets do by some thread of the needle get Tebow, it will be as a backup and for a draft price nowhere near his original cost. Bet on the Jaguars.

Would you want Tim Tebow as a backup QB for the Jets, or not? How would you react if against all odds, the Jets traded for him?

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