the draft (revised edition)

since we have just signed Laron Landry, my draft has changed some. in the first draft, i wanted us to take 2 safties, both in the first 3 rounds. now, that is changed some. i like this new draft that i have. NYJETS ALL DAY!!! Round 1- Melvin Ingram or Courtney Upshaw (one of those guys will be around when we choose, and i feel that either one of them will be a great pick for us.) Round 2- Mark Barron or Harrison Smith or George Ikoia or Markelle Martin (a lot of guys here, but i have a feeling at least one of them will be here. all 4 can be great, espically barron. i hope to get Ikoia, because of his size, but i will be happy with either of them) Round 3- Offensive lineman(tackle) Round 4- Vontaze Burflict (he could easily be a steal for us. some people have said he would not even be drafted, but i think we take him. rex can control him, and he can be a very deadly force for us.) Round 5- Brandon Hardin(guy missed his entire seinor season, but according to tinley24, had a great pro day. has great size, and can play both FS and Corner. could be a steal, just like Vontaze) Round 6- Offensive lineman(guard) Round 7- OLB. My knowledge of the draft starts to fade here. This is my new and improved draft. i hope you all like it, and NYJETS ALL DAY!! Also, thank you to tinley24 for the info on Brandon Hardin. I will be soon doing a Tim Tebow article, and i can't wait.

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