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Cimini: Matthew Mulligan on the Way Out

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Cimini says the Jets are not interested in bringing back tight end Matthew Mulligan.

The Jets are ready to say goodbye to oft-penalized TE Matthew Mulligan, a restricted free agent. The team isn't planning to extend a qualifying offer, according to a league source, meaning he will become an unrestricted free agent.

It would cost the Jets about $1.3 million to tender Mulligan, a move that would give them the right of first refusal, but they're not willing to pay that much for a No. 2 tight end.

That is some good news. Mulligan should never see the field again for the Jets. He was a decent blocker but a poor route runner with bad hands and a penalty machine. Jeff Cumberland's return would have probably taken away his playing time, but there was no reason to use a roster spot on Mulligan anyway. They could probably find a guy who could play just as well anywhere.

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