The Law Firm and Ronnie Brown drawing interest with the Jets?

It's being reported out on the Jets Blog that the Jets have interest in FA Patriot Benjarvus Green-Ellis.

While BJE is visiting with the Bengals this week there is a lot of speculation that they are only bringing him in as leverage to try and land Michael Bush whom they really want. If the price is right I would not be opposed to such an addition. Green-Ellis is most known for not fumbling in 510 career starts which might be a handy addition to the backfield with Greene and McKnight.

BJE hasn't impressed me much when watching him against the Jets but I think that's because the Pats are usually too busy picking us apart elsewhere. BJE avg. 3.86YPC over the last 5 games against us with the high in 2011 of his 136yards rushing game on 27 carries and 2tds. Other than that he's relatively quiet against us. Used in a heavily stacked run first "ground n pound" system he could be potentially productive and with glue for hands it could be a good pick up in a Sporano led run first scheme.

We have also been mentioned to be interested in veteran RB Ronnie Brown. Ronnie is coming off declining years with the Miami Dolphins and the Philadelphia Eagles who included him as part of their "Dream Team" since he was the 2nd pick of the 2005 draft . They later attempted to dump Brown off on the Lions for Jerome Harrison but this failed due to Harrison failing his physical. Ronnie would be insightful in the backfield replacing LaDanian Tomlinson, who assuredly will not be back in 2012, and is familiar with a Tony Sporano offense. Ronnie is also no stranger to the infamous Wildcat formation with we all know us Jets fans just Love Love Love!

What are your thoughts about each of these RB's. While BJE would clearly be the better back to take, Ronnie would definately come at a much cheaper option and a one year contract to bring Greene and McKnight a veteran Sporano 3rd down back. How much would you be willing to offer The Law Firm considering the blow it would be to New England seeing him in Green and White watching him plow through their line knowing that ball is never going to touch the ground? Or should we roll with Bilail Powell as the 3rd back and see what else we can get outa the draft... maybe T-Richjr if you're smoking the fairy dust...

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