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Breaking News With The Professionals

I've seen a few comments the past few days expressing confusion towards Twitter and questions about where to look for breaking news relating to the Jets. Since that's what I do here on GGN, I thought I would give a brief rundown on where to look on Twitter for news relating to the Jets. Let me qualify this before I begin that GGN is the best place to look right off the bat. Within minutes of any breaking event, either myself, another staff writer, or our readers in the FanShots section always post anything worthwhile. If you're looking for a one stop-shop for Jets news, keep reading GGN, because we promise to collect and announce anything worthwhile. If you're interested in finding this information on your own, I suggest that you follow the below people. I have given their real names and their Twitter handles, in the order of how useful I believe they are.

  • Gang Green Nation - @GangGreenNation
  • Jake Steinberg - @Steiny31
  • Manish Mehta - @TheJetsStream
  • Jenny Vrentas - @JennyVrentas
  • Adam Schefter - @AdamSchefter
  • NY Jets Cap - @nyjetscap
  • Kristian Dyer - @KristianRDyer
  • Kristine Reese - @kristinereese
  • New York Jets - @nyjets
  • Brian Costello - @BrianCoz
  • Dennis Waszak, Jr. - @DWZ73
  • Wesley Sykes - @Wesley_Sykes
  • Rich Cimini - @RichCimini

There are lots of other great people out there to follow, but these are who I suggest you follow for good Jets news. If you're looking for useless, inflammatory, and repetitive information, start with Rich Cimini. Otherwise, I suggest you begin at the top of the list. Please let us know in the comments below who you follow for Jets news.