My assesment of the AFC east.


With the addition of super Mario the Bills now have a legitimate defense. Depending on how they draft the secondary could blossom. That was a very opportunistic defense last year when they were hot. That said it was very inconsistent, making big plays one game, looking like a lame duck the next. But as long as they become a juggernaut twice a year when playing a certain team from up north, i'll root for them. The offense has a chance to get better with a year under it's belt. Hard to believe but it is a veteran team on offense and defense. Coach Gaily has a chance to make something big happen.


At first I was enjoying all the failure, now I am starting to feel sorry for them. Is it wrong? I hope that they at least become a team capable of giving some competition, if only to keep the Jets in shape, or at least keep the Bills in check. The way it's going they are going to have to ask Matt Leinart to be their QB, and still might strike out. The defense is getting better in the secondary but the line is regressing. The linebackers are capable. Hopefully Sparano knows it enough that the Jets can be explosive.


I refuse to talk about them, They do not exist. Blah blah blah Bieber. Cheat, eat and poop. I like that they forgot about the defense. Yeah Billy Cheat get Bieber all the help he can get. Everybody's got his number now. I have suggestion for your D, get some more old out of shape players (i.e. Haynesworth). And worst of luck to you.


I have to live with fact that Manning is gone. (Some of you know how big of a fan I am). Sanchez might be as much of a leader as a lump of wood but he is capable QB. In the hand of a good OC he can be good if not great. Sparano can use the offense to it's strengths and make it shine. Sanchez was not as bad as we think he was last year. He actually was better than the previous years, a couple of bad games clouded that fact. Schotty misused him, Sparano can make him even better.

The defense is getting old. The Jets need to get their act together. Revis will not last forever. While the DL has been overachieving the linebackers have not. This team desperately needs a outstanding DE, someone that can put the hurt on the QB, free up the linebackers to attack the TEs or blitz. With a decent FS and Revis manning the secondary and a O-line disrupting DE this defense can be one of the best in history. Almost all the positions are filled with excellent players that fit Rex's defensive scheme.

The AFC east is looking to be the new black and blue division. The Bills are looking for a brawl and the Dolphins for a prayer. But as the rest of the AFC consists only of six good teams, (Ravens, Steelers, Broncos, Bengals,Texans and Chargers?) the east can dominate. It does seem that it is back to the NFC to be the better conference. I would like to see all the Teams in the division get better, that forces the Jets to be at their best.

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