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The Best Case Scenario

Lay down your Jets beach towel and give praise to the Spirits of American Football past and present. Peyton Manning has decided to sign with the Denver Broncos. Not only does this mean we'll be seeing very limited amounts of Peyton in New Jersey (if at all) for the rest of his playing career, this also means that the Miami Dolphins have bottomed out in their QB search. After being snubbed by Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn, the Dolphins were also outbid by the Redskins for the #2 draft pick for RGIII.

Now it's likely the 49ers will go harder at re-signing Alex Smith. Matt Hasselbeck will remain with the Titans. The only notable FA the Dolphins have expressed interest in that is not yet really off the market is the aged and declining David Garrard. It's becoming increasingly likely the Dolphins either have to stick with Matt Moore or take a project QB in the draft. The Phins passer situation makes our Safety issues look like peanuts.

Tim Tebow is now on the trading block, but I really do not fear him coming into our division at all. Who would you rather face this year; Matt Moore, Tim Tebow, or David Garrard?

Happy Day.