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Could Antonio Cromartie Move to Free Safety?

Throughout the courting of Reggie Nelson to the Jets, CB Antonio Cromartie was rooting for the move and practically begging Nelson to sign with the team. Immediately after it was announced that Nelson would return to the Bengals, Cromartie made a curious tweet. He said that he would move to free safety, the one of the biggest needs for the Jets. Since then, and I'm sure after being flooded by questions on Twitter, Cromartie clarified:

The reason I say I'm moving to FS is because Kyle is becoming a good corner and I don't mind the move

This would be fascinating if it actually happens. Cromartie is obviously extremely fast and dangerous with the ball in his hands. In the right position, he could be quite the ball-hawk. However, he is notoriously poor at tackling and that could be deadly against the huge Rob Gronkowski and the speedy Aaron Hernandez, who he would likely have to cover as FS. It would be a huge risk/reward situation. Either come up with the pick, or get burned for a touchdown. In any case, the concept is interesting and one deserves consideration. It's also great to see a player willing to move to help the team and not just himself. What do you think? Should this happen, or is it not worth the risk?