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70% Sure On Nelson.....Higher Priority On Landry

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It's been a little quiet today in free agency in general, especially with the Jets. However Kristian Dyer of the Metro is reporting that according to a team source, it is 70% likely that the Jets will sign Nelson today......but that the Jets have placed a higher priority on Landry:

Source says Jets have placed a higher priority on Landry then Nelson, think he fits their scheme perfectly.

Team source: "70 percent certain Jets sign Reggie Nelson today."

Now I never like these percentage stories as anyone can put a percentage on something using logic without any real insight into the situation. Yesterday we could have said it was 70-80% done that the Jets would sign Drew Stanton and Chaz. Visits + Need = Good chance.

However there is no reason to doubt Kristian, so maybe we are working on a contract with Nelson to show him we mean business while we wait for Landry to get to the facility. I know a lot of people here want both, I would take that but it's all guess work right now.

So make of this what you will.