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New York Jets Complete One Year $1.25 Million Deal with Drew Stanton

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The Jets got their man. According to sources with knowledge of the process, the Jets were high on Stanton from the very beginning; calling him as early as two minutes after the free agency window opened. It has the desired effect that the Jets were looking for. A quarterback who could actually move, cost very little and not provide any real competition to Sanchez going forward.

A 2nd round pick in 2007, Drew missed his entire rookie season with a knee injury. He has appeared in 12 games over the last four years hitting 104 of 187 passes for a 55.6% completion percentage, with 5 touchdowns, 9 interceptions and 4 fumbles.

Stanton completed 64% of his passes at Michigan State, throwing 42 touchdowns to 28 interceptions and rushing for another 15 touchdowns as well. It is hard to get excited about Drew as we all know that he wasn't brought in to play football on a Sunday. However he was mentioned as a Heisman candidate back in 2006, although that really didn't come to much.

The back-up Quarterback can become the most popular football player on a struggling football teams roster, however if Sanchez does struggle the calls for McElroy will probably come before the calls for Drew. Bottom line is he seems like a good guy, he's a back-up quarterback who has filled a need without breaking the bank.

Now can we move on to some real team needs.