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Free Agency So Far: A Quick Run Down

Morning Jets fans, so we haven't really gone to work yet; however today could be the day that we get a brand new player join Jet Nation. So let's have a quick run down of some of the top movers ans shakers and what have the Jets done so far:

Your Jets

*Bryan Thomas, Nick Folk and although before free agency lets throw in Sione Pouha have all been re-signed to be a Jet in 2012. Only Pouha got a multi-year deal which makes sense.

* QB Drew Stanton and WR Chaz Schilens are the only visits that have been planned as far as we are aware. Some suggested that Chaz was touching down last night, we believe that he's touching down in NY today.

* The Jets explored the possibility of bringing in Henne before he signed a deal with Jacksonville. They also have interest in safety Reggie Nelson, however no official visit has been planned yet.

* Reports also suggested that we were exploring the possibility of signing two other safeties. Injury worry LaRon Landry and I can't cover anything Brandon Meriweather. LaRon is an interesting prospect, if healthy he could be an asset but I have no idea why we are considering Brandon.

* The Jets have shown interest in bringing back old favourite Jerricho Cotchery. It wasn't the cleanest split last year with Jerricho spending the 2011 season with the Steelers however reports suggest that he would be open to a return to the Jets. Lot of respect for Jerricho and would welcome him back

* Many people are wondering why we are not kicking the tires of RT Eric Winston, however as of writing this there are no reports that we have even contacted his agent. I still think he signs with the Dolphins. Many are mentioning that if Mario Williams signs with the Bills we need to upgrade our RT which is 100% spot on. However if Miami signs Eric Winston, we also need to go to work on our pass rushing. As it just got harder to get to theQB.

* In smaller team moves, we released Gerald Alexander the safety and Michael Campbell the wide receiver. We also confirmed the signing of former USC centre Kris O'Dowd

* Finally for the Jets, some of our just turned free agents are lining up their visits. Brodney Pool was in Dallas yesterday talking with the Cowboys, and Jamaal Westerman was down in Miami today where the interest from the Dolphins was categorised as "high".

OK so I think that is about it for the Jets, make the jump for some league wide deals for players we may or may not have been interested in:

* First one is the obvious one as we knew we had interest in Chad Henne. He is off the market now as he signed a two year deal down in Jacksonville.

* Wide Receivers are getting paid. Calvin Johnson gets an 8 year contract for $132 million. Laurent Robinson gets a 5 year $32.5 million deal. DeSean Jackson re-ups with the Eagles for 5 years and $51 million. Pierre Garcon signed on with the Redskins for 5 years and $42.5 million and Josh Morgan joined him in Washington.

* You can add this to the above but I wanted to put the three marquee moves by Tampa Bay together. They got their big play receiver in Vincent Jackson for 5 years and $55.6 million. They also agreed to a 5 year contract with all pro guard Carl Nicks who is one of the best pass protection guards in the league. Add that the Bucs also signed CB Eric Wright, and they have had quite the start to free agency.

* A lot of people wanted us to look at Robert Meachem, however he signed with the San Diego Chargers for four years and $25.9 million.

* Peyton Hillis got a one year deal in Kansas City. LeRon McClain joined San Diego. Two players some people mentioned in the same breath as the Jets but never really on the forefront.

* Former Jet and a player many here hoped we would target Dwight Lowery re-signed with the Jaguars on a brand new 4 year deal, congratulations to Dwight. Always liked the guy and he's earned that four year contract. Jarret Johnson who the Jets were heavily linked to prior to free agency signed with the San Diego Chargers.

* I really think the Dolphins have done a nice job so far on defence. They brought back Paul Soliai and brought in CB Richard Marshall from Arizona to add to the young crop they have at the position including Vontae Davis and Sean Smith. Now they just need to do something about that offence.

* Kyle Orton agreed a deal with the Cowboys, finally they found a decent back-up to Romo and they also got their top CB in Brandon Carr. In my opinion the Cowboys have actually been one of the biggest winners so far this free agency. They still have work to do, but they have made a good start.

* The Giants signed TE Martellus Bennett to a one year contract worth $2.5 million. They also re-signed back-up quarterback David Carr to a one year deal.

* Sticking with the back-up quarterback situation. Jason Campbell signed with the Bears, so that is another guy you can scrub off your list.

I may have forgotten a few moves here, but it's been a very quick start to free agency and these are the ones that have really stuck out. I fully expect the Jets to go to work over the next 48 hours, the market is starting to settle a little bit. There have been good deals, there have been some head scratchers. Lets see what the weekend brings.