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Chaz Schilens: Man of the Hour

So the Jets have been a little quiet so far, however Cimini reports that Chaz Schilens will be coming in for a visit, perhaps landing as early as tonight:

Schilens had just 23 receptions for 271 yards and two touchdowns last season, but he appeared in only 397 plays, according to Pro Football Focus. He was targeted 34 times, so a 23-catch/34-target ratio is very good. He had only one drop.

With his size, Schilens should be effective in the red zone, but he was targeted only four times inside the 20. All four were completed for 49 yards and two touchdowns.

He has an ally in the Jets' organization, receivers coach Sanjay Lal, his former position coach in Oakland.

6'4 and 4.33 speed. He is the type of player that you would like as your receiver opposite Holmes, however there are some serious concerns about him. However if he stays healthy, Cimini does a nice job of highlighting why this may be a good move to the Jets.

It strikes me as a low risk, high reward signing. As long as the $$$'s add up this makes a lot of sense for the Jets going forward. However I hope it's not the only move they make with the receiving core if they choose to bring him in