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Jets Not Interested in Eric Winston?

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Eric Winston might be the top right tackle available on the market. The Jets have a gaping hole there, but Cimini says they have not kicked his tires.

A lot of fans are asking about RT Eric Winston, released by the Texans. So far, there is no known interest by the Jets.

I find that a tad odd. Things might be happening under the radar. They might get in touch with him soon. Frankly, they might not have the cap space to make it work. Winston is one of the best right tackles in the league and has already heard from multiple teams. The Jets should at least look into this, though.

I have this really disturbing worry I cannot shake that the Jets might feel fine about going forward with Wayne Hunter and Vladimir Ducasse. Hopefully we will get some news soon about the team jumping into the tackle market the way it apparently has into the safety market.