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Jets Re-Sign Bryan Thomas to a One Year Deal

The Jets and outside linebacker Bryan Thomas have reached an agreement on a one year contract.

"Bryan has meant a lot to this organization over his 10 seasons and we are excited he will continue his career here," general manager Mike Tannenbaum said. "He is a versatile defender who is adept as a pass rusher and against the run. He understands the defense, allowing him to play a variety of roles for us."

Thomas will be 33 before the season starts and is coming off a serious Achilles injury. I am not in love with the move. It is tough to say how much the injury will impact an old player. He also is not really what the Jets need. One of the biggest problems with the defense is the team cannot generate a pass rush from the outside linebacker position. That is where the pass rush should come in the defense the Jets run. Thomas does not help there.

It is one thing if he is coming back to be a backup. I can live with that. They need a pass rusher at outside linebacker, though.