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Sione Pouha Contract Figures

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We now know the value of Sione Pouha's contract.

The Jets deal with nose tackle Sione Pouha is for $15 million over three years with $9.5 million guaranteed, according to a source.

It breaks down to a $5 million annual average. That was actually exactly where I was hoping the deal would be. I would have been a bit more leery had it exceeded it. No word yet on how much he counts against the cap this year.

Just doing a back of the envelope estimate, this deal would probably allow the Jets to cut Pouha after the second year and not hurt against the cap. In essence, this gives Kenrick Ellis two years to get ready and the Jets a fallback plan, simply bringing Sione back for that third year, if he is not.

Now we turn our attention to the free agents on other teams and hope the Jets can somehow fill all of their holes within the confines of the salary cap.