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Nick Folk: Stay or Go?

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Kicker A hit 84% of his field goal tries from inside 50 yards in addition to a 50 yarder in the last minute of a game to win it.

Kicker B made 82% of his field goal tries from inside 50 yards and missed tries of 37 and 38 yards in a 10-7 loss.

Kicker A is Nick Folk in 2011. Kicker B is Jay Feely in 2009. For some reason, Jets fans seem to have the perception that Feely was rock solid but that Folk is erratic. Go figure.

I can see both sides of wanting to bring Folk back. He has made some really clutch kicks for the Jets, including that 50 yarder to beat the Cowboys this year.

At the same time, his leg is not very strong on kickoffs. I usually think kickoffs are overrated. I would rather have a guy who will make kicks and put points on the board over a guy with a booming leg who misses field goals and costs the team points. Mike Westhoff's coverage schemes also help negate this factor. The way the Jets are building their team, though, field position is going to be very important. Finding a kicker who can both make field goals and boom touchbacks would be very helpful.

I probably will not have a problem with the decision either way. How about you?