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T.J. Conley: Stay or Go?

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I can only think of two seasons since I started following the Jets that I was happy with the job the punter did. The first was 2005 with Ben Graham. The second was 2010 with Steve Weatherford. Graham fell off after a great rookie year. Weatherford was shown the door after a bad postseason and an apparently personality conflict with Mike Westhoff that has led to the two of them taking shots at each other in the press.

The Jets lost out because the guy they thought could handle the job, T.J. Conley, did a poor job. The Jets ranked 30th in punting average and 21st in net punting average. These numbers speak for themselves. Conley's punting was just not good enough. The Jets should look elsewhere for their punting needs. The position takes on added significance for a team that will be trying to win games by playing ball control, defense, and field position.

I vote go. How do you vote?