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Tanner Purdum: Stay or Go?

If you are a long snapper at any level in the game of football, you do not want people to know your name. The only reason men at that position are mentioned is usually if they mess up. Nobody cares about a good snap. Everybody cares about a bad snap.

With that in mind, Tanner Purdum has been happily anonymous in his two years with the Jets. There really have not been any issues. Against the Redskins, he got knocked to the ground on a field goal try Nick Folk missed. Did this distract Folk a bit? Maybe, but it probably was not the deciding factor.

Purdum replaced James Dearth, another long snapper who was effective for the Jets for a long time. Hopefully Tanner has many successful years to come. Nothing is broken so there is no need for the Jets to change long snappers. I vote stay. How do you vote?