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Jets Fans Send A Warm Thanks To Washington & Dallas

Adam Schefter is reporting that every team in the NFL will be given an extra $1.6 million of cap room in 2012. This takes the Jets up to around the $16 million mark.

This is due to the fact that during the uncapped year, the Redskins and Cowboys front loaded a lot of contracts to take advantage. The Cowboys will be losing $10 million in cap space and the Redskins will be losing a whopping $36 million. They can split the loss between the 2012 and 2013 season, however this is sure to hurt both teams, while it makes our lives a lot easier.

$1.6 million might not be a massive amount, but it certainly helps us fill some depth needs on the roster. A lot of fans wanted the Jets to front load contracts in the uncapped season and it seems as though the decision not to was a wise one by the front office.

The Saints and Raiders will not receive the $1.6 million but will not lose any money either. However the Jets and every other team will benefit.