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Darrelle Revis: Stay or Go?

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There is no point in debating whether Darrelle Revis should or will be back so let us all step back a moment and just appreciate what we are seeing. He dominates the game in an era where the rules are designed to prevent somebody at his position from dominating. He single handedly takes away some of the most dynamic weapons in the league when two players in many instances can not take away the same guys. The Jets build their defense around the skills of a cornerback, using him to take away one side of the field and freeing up extra players to perform other tasks.

Revis is so good that we are surprised when somebody like Stevie Johnson beats him on slants that only cause minimal to moderate damage. He is so good that some commented a year in which he allowed completions on 41.2% of targets and quarterbacks who went after him posted a 45.6 rating was not his best work.

The best advice I can give to you is really watch Revis play the cornerback position over the next few years because we may never see anything like it again.