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Brodney Pool: Stay or Go?

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Brodney Pool really came on late in the season and became a playmaking safety. With a year under his belt in the system, many were hoping he would get even better in 2011. Instead, he struggled to get onto the field as Eric Smith took his starting job. Many fans were upset by this and with good reason. Smith was ineffective in an enhanced role.

Brodney started to get more action late in the year in part due to injuries. The results were not very good. He blew his assignments in coverage too frequently like when he lost Stevie Johnson late in a game against the Bills where Buffalo missed a golden opportunity to score a winning touchdown. He also seemed to lose any sense of physicality playing the run, most notably when Ahmad Bradshaw ran him over against the Giants. Pool probably would have fared better than Smith as a starter, but he was not very effective when he was in there.

Brodney is a free agent, and given his lack of progress when he saw the field in 2011, I think he should probably go. How about you?