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Josh Mauga: Stay or Go?

If Rex Ryan and Mike "Isiah" Tannenbaum decide to part ways with Bart Scott as has widely been reported, Josh Mauga is the most candidate to take a starting job should the Jets choose to address the hole internally. Mauga earned his spot on the roster with some nice special teams work in 2010. Last year he was the primary backup inside linebacker.

Mauga played well in preseason and made a real impact in coverage. He recorded an interception Week 2 against Jacksonville. Outside of that, the 24 year old did not make a major impact in spot duty when Scott or David Harris got nicked up. He did have to step in due to injury Week 17 against Miami and was good against the run, recording 5 tackles but was also beaten in coverage on a Miami touchdown.

Nobody knows much about Mauga at this point, but he has worked his way up the depth chart and probably deserves a chance to stay at least as a backup. What do you think?