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Todd McShay On The Jets #16 Selection

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Props to Bassett over at The Jets Blog for spotting this on the Jets site.

ESPN draft Guru Todd McShay talks about the Jets selection and what they may do with it.

"Mark Barron would be a great fit there. The Thing about Barron is there is no aspect of the game that he doesn't do well. He's not the best cover safety if you will and he has some limitations in terms of man to man but he can cover the tight end, he has good range in terms of being back and being the high man in the three defensive back look........I just love the way he plays the game"

"Defensive ends, outside linebackers, I think the value is going to be in the second round.......Ingram another shorter defensive end who projects as a outside linebacker in the 3-4 scheme I think he'll be off the board somewhere top 10 top 12 and Upshaw shortly thereafter"

Now you guys know what I think about the possibility of taking Barron at #16 which is what McShay is suggesting here. I just think that would be a reach for a player coming off a double hernia who McShay admits has limitations in coverage and especially in man to man coverage. If we are taking Barron and we are sold on taking Barron, Mike T better be exploring options to trade back as Barron at #16 is a reach in my honest opinion.