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Report: New York Jets Have Interest in Braylon Edwards

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Manish Mehta says the Jets are interested in reuniting with Braylon Edwards.

The Daily News has learned that the Jets are interested in bringing back free agent wide receiver Braylon Edwards, who was an integral piece in Gang Green’s success in 2009 and 2010.

In an ideal world, the Jets would have a better place to go to address their situation at wide receiver. Edwards is available for a reason, he is one of the biggest underachievers in the league along with attitude problems, effort issues, and off field troubles. The 49ers thought so little of what he brought to the table that they cut him late in the season even though they were painfully thin at wide receiver to the point Ted Ginn was starting.

With what the Jets have to work with, though, this makes a ton of sense. Mark Sanchez trusted Edwards in a way he never trusted Plaxico Burress. Rex Ryan seemed to be the one coach who could consistently get through to him, and he was a perfect compliment for Santonio Holmes. Furthermore, he is probably going to have to take a minimum deal because there is a real possibility the Jets are the only team in the league with any interest in him. He is an affordable solution for a cash strapped team.

It would be tough to find a better talent/price value.