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Snippets: Jets Draft Links

Completely unplanned, but as a slow news day and plenty of draft material out there I thought I would pop some more things for you guys to read. I've been off work this week, so draft overdrive has gone into full effect. Cast your eyes over the links:

Mel Kiper and Todd McShay's Draft podcast is back, one of the best things to listen to for any draft fan. This week they talk about some of the underclassman, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Todd goes through his top 10 from his latest Mock. Warning! they do spend the first 30 minutes of an hour show talking QB's. Not much interest for Jets fans here.

I'm double dipping with SB Nation's Draft Blog Mocking The Draft today, first here is a scouting report on Cordy Glenn who some analysts are starting to link with the Jets. Here is just a really well written piece (with film breakdown)on Ryan Tannehill who is an interesting QB prospect.

Small School cornerbacks must be the dish of the day, as both the National Football Post and CBS do features. Janoris Jenkins sticks out like a Jet fan at a Giants parade from this list. Another guy that I like here is Trumaine Johnson from Montana.

SB Nation's South Carolina blog managed to speak to defensive end Melvin Ingram about prep for the draft and his time in South Carolina. A lot of people have him linked with the Jets, so it's an interesting read.

Is Trent Richardson going to fall out of the top 10? As mentioned, on talent alone this guy is a top 5 players but are teams starting to move towards drafting running backs lower.

Lastly, Wes Bunting does a nice breakdown on former #1 overall high school recruit Bryce Brown. Does anyone else remember the circus of his recruitment, with his "trainer" selling updates on the recruitment process for $9.99 a month and the whole issue with the University of Miami.

Join me after the jump for a random 2012 draft prospects highlights.