Jets History: Our Coaches Win Loss Records

Did anyone sit down and think it may not be our players that are causing us not to win another SB. I was just thinking about how many wins some of our past coaches have. So I am going to let you know our coaches Win/Loss records since the franchise inception.

Rex Ryan: 28-20 (2009-Present);

Eric Mangini: 23-25 (2006- 2008)
Herm Edwards: 39-41 (2001-2005)
Al Groh: 9-7 (2000)
Bill Parcells: 29-19 (1997-1999)
Rich Kotite: 4-28 (1995-1996)
Pete Carroll: 6-10 (1994)
Bruce Coslet: 26-38 (1990-1993)
Joe Walton: 53-57 (1983-1989)
Walt Michaels: 33-47 (1977-1982)
Lou Holtz: 3-10 (1976)
Mike Holovak: 0-1 (1976)
Ken Shipp: 1-4 (1975)
Charley Winner: 9-14 (1974-1975)
Weeb Ewbank:71-77 (1963-1973)
Bulldog Turner: 5-9 (1962)
Sammy Baugh: 14-14 (1960-1961)

NOTE: I left out ties.

This opened my eyes. We only had 4 winning head coaches in our history (Baugh, Ryan, Parcells, and Groh). Possibly 3 if we start to tank over the next year or two. Not even Ewbank has a winning record with us even though he has the most rings (1). Ewbank is the only one to bring us a SB.

One good note though, we only had 3 losing seasons since 1997. We have been to 3 AFCCG's since 1997. Since 1997, we had 3 coaches that have a winning record. Rex Ryan, our current coach is 6th all time on the list for wins. This year alone he is striking distance to reach third place in wins for the franchise. Its just his 4th year.

I don't want to talk about the coach with the worst record. Utter embarrassment. I hate mentioning his name. Please look at the list and take a moment of silence to pray that no one ever mention his name.

Now here's an poll that can be tricky!!!

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