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Brandon Moore: Stay or Go?

Brandon Moore made his first Pro Bowl in 2011. It was interesting because it might have been his least effective year since 2007. Moore was still a very good right guard. The Jets ran for over 4 yards per carry on his right side, and his pass protection was almost spotless. The team was, however, less dominant running right than in previous years.

A lot of the problems can probably be put at Wayne Hunter's feet. The right tackle struggled a ton through much of the year. Life is a lot easier on a guard with a tackle like Damien Woody next to you dominating. Brandon had to help out his struggling tackle a lot more than he had in recent years. Moore did not seem to have the same impact. Beyond the decreased productivity in the run game, I really do not have a ton of numbers. My eyeball test said Moore was still effective but winning his matchups less frequently than in the past.

Cutting Moore would save the Jets $3 million. Under different circumstances, it might make sense for the Jets to save money, but this is the case currently. Brandon is 32. If the team had a young cheap guy ready to slide in, it could be time for a move. The Jets do not on the surface appear to have one, though. Vladimir Ducasse is extremely raw to put it charitably. Perhaps Caleb Schlauderaff is ready to elevate his game like Matt Slauson was two years ago. Perhaps the Jets will find a new guard in the Draft. I would not like to see them take than chance, though.

I vote stay. How do you vote?