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Morning Cup of Bro: Off Topic Thursday

Welcome to the jungle.

The Brodown:

-Tom Brady aggravated his old shoulder injury in the big game. "Bradying", or sitting on the ground with head dropped in shame is sweeping the nation.

-The Jets took out a full page ad in the Daily News congratulating the Giants organization as detailed in GGN user CervezaVerde's fanshot.

-David Wyatt makes the argument that Plaxico Burress, who is potentially Eagles-bound if he has anything to say about it, was part of the cancer here. This would be supported by what some of the many leaked complaints alleged.

-Brandon Jacobs thinks that 1.Gisele should "be cute and shut up". and 2.that even though it's no longer Giants stadium, it is in fact their house. It's hard to argue with him right now, but time will tell, Brandon.

Welcome to Off Topic Thursday

Several GGN members have been clamoring for an all purpose weekly thread for discussion of all things, related to Jets and football or not. This is a test run. If it sucks or if John disapproves, it's gone. You want fun, you make it so. User generated content, baby. Enforcement will be lax with the following provisions:

Nothing illegal. Link NSFW stuff rather than post and identify it as such. Avoid religious and political discussion not for strictness sake but just because we don't want to hear it, we want to have fun, not bicker. Civility is appreciated.

Put a subject line for your images.