Top 10 Jets Plays of 2011

Here's a look back at the top ten plays by the Jets in 2011. You may notice that a few of them came in just several games - in my defense, there really weren't a whole lot of spectacular plays to choose from in my opinion. After the list is over, let the debate begin

#10 Kyle Wilson gets his 1st Interception (Week 7 vs. Chargers)

a. Many people were starting to say that Wilson was the CB equivalent of another recent Jets draft bust - although it wasn't critical, it certainly got that particular monkey off his back and gave a sigh of relief to every Jets fan.

#9 Darrelle Revis gets his 1st INT since 2009 (Week 1 vs. Cowboys)

a. Helped set up the game winning drive in the most crucial part of the game.

b. Would have been higher if the throw hadn't been so careless or thrown by Tony Romo in the 4th quarter.

c. Came on the heels of a less than stellar performance - reminding everyone that challenging too much won't end well.

#8 Aaron Maybin gets his 1st sack, forces a fumble (Week 4 vs. Ravens)

a. Despite not having a significant outcome on the game, it was great to see a draft bust make a big play - and it gave many fans hope for what was and is to come.

#7 Mike Devito forces Tony Romo fumble at the 1-yard line (Week 1 vs. Cowboys)

a. Literally saved what would have been a game-sealing touchdown.

#6 Matt Slauson's TD (Week 11 vs. Broncos)

a. Showed incredible awareness on a day where nobody else on the team was.

b. While it may not be one of the all-time great plays, it was an impressive feat of quick thinking and quicker hands.

(#5 - #1 after the jump.)

#5 Nick Folk's 50-yard FG in Prime-Time (Week 1 vs. Cowboys)

a. Significantly more difficult than the clutch kick he had to make in the Playoff game against the Colts, and equally successful.

b. Iced the win on the home opener on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

#4 David Harris' piledriving hit on Matt Moore, forces Revis INT (Week 6 vs. Dolphins)

a. An absolutely bone-crushing hit that leveled Moore and in a sense, the tone of the entire game (after another significant play).

#3 Joe McKnight's Punt Block, Isaiah Trufant Return-TD (Week 1 vs. Cowboys)

a. The most incredible play of the great comeback win over the Cowboys on the anniversary of 9/11.

b. The start of what became an excellent year of special teams for Joe McKnight.

#2 Joe McKnight's 107-yard KR TD (Week 4 vs. Ravens)

a. Longest play in Jets history.

b. An eye-popping play from someone who many were beginning to think was a total bust - ended up leading the NFL in KR average.

c. Despite not having an effect on the outcome of the game, it was still the most impressive ST play in the season.

#1 Darrelle Revis 100-yard INT-Return TD (Week 6 vs. Dolphins)

a. 3 straight years the Jets D had been good, but not good enough against the Dolphins at home. The play helped ensure the win.

b. Brandon Marshall had threatened to "unleash the monster" and was actually having a very good game.

c. Helped bring the 1st Monday Night Football win of the Rex Ryan era.

d. Perhaps there was Pass Interference, but it isn't Revis' fault that Marshall wasn't good enough or strong enough to out power Revis and get that ball away.

e. Reminded the entire football world that Darrelle Revis is the most dominant Cornerback in football.

And that's the list - sorry that 8 of the plays came in just 3 game, but it just wasn't quite as highlightful of a season as 2010.

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