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Sticking With Holmes. Everything Points To A Decision Made!

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Although I never really believed that the Jets and Santonio would part ways, I think the fact that he is still a Jet this morning means he is here to stay. As reported by numerous people, if Santonio was a Jet on Wednesday morning (this morning), he would be guaranteed $7.5 million of his 2013 salary along with his 2012 salary which means the Jets are tied to Santonio to the tune of $15.25 million guaranteed.

I know a lot of people were and to a certain extent still are angry with Holmes, and a fair few people were in favour of getting rid of Holmes. However let's just bottom line it, it's not happening with the current situation. I'm sure we can bob and weave some scenarios where Holmes could move on, but after today I am 99.7% certain that Holmes will be a Jet in 2012.

I think the Jets knew it a long time ago (they have heavily defended Holmes and guaranteed his return on multiple occasions) and so did Holmes (sent out an olive branch tweet to team captains Sanchez and Pouha and by all accounts will be meeting with Sanchez). I think it is one less distraction and Holmes is a proven play-maker. Yes he had issues in 2011, he was immature and he played out his frustration in ridiculous fashion. However he won us some game in 2010 and in 2011 a season of struggle, he still brought down 8 TD's.

Holmes needs a supporting cast, just like he had with Braylon in 2010 and Sanchez needs to improve to get him the ball. Holmes needs to do a better job all around and being a better team mate. However Holmes makes the Jets a better team and I think cutting him or trading him would have just given us more holes to fill, with a team lacking depth, that's never a good thing.

So I think this all but guarantees his return in 2012, do your work with Sanchez, get your butt out to Jets West with the other receivers. Form a bond with your team mates at Cortland and OTA's and the most important thing, prove your worth on the field. That's a lot of guaranteed money but if he plays as he can, it's well worth it.