Optimistic News for Jets Fans

So today I read something that made me very happy considering I am a Jets Fan. Anthony Fasano of the Miami Doplhins will have to take a pay cut he wants to the stay with the team. This news comes out after Head Coach Joe Philbin already stated that the team wanted to get more explosive at Tight End. Fasano would be a great addition to a team in search for a traditional TE which is exactly what Fasano is. He's a very good blocker as well as a good receiver, especially in the Red Zone. He is a Sparano favorite as Sparano traded a 4th round pick to Dallas just to get him when he became the Head Coach of the Dolphins. He already knows Sparano's system as he was with him in Dallas and again in Miami. I think he would be a wonderful compliment to Dustin Keller. He's a player that has given us issues before and he's also given the Patriots issues. If he gets cut then this must definitely be a possibility. He'll get the opportunity to work with the coach he's been with his entire career in Sparano, and he'll be able to stay in the same division and stick it to his old team. And if that is not enough he is orignally from NJ so he will get to come back home. What do you guys think?

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