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Wayne Hunter: Stay or Go?

We saw Wayne Hunter's ceiling this year. It is a decent backup swing tackle. For limited stretches, he can play great football. He can be a good blocker as an extra tight end in jumbo formations. He does not have the focus or the consistent technique necessary to successful man a tackle position full time. He will be exposed in a big way if forced to do so.

Hunter played a handful of great games, but the overall body of work was really poor. He allowed Mark Sanchez to either be sacked or hit 22 times. No other tackle in the league had more missed blocks resulting in his quarterback getting clocked more. Hunter was not responsible for Sanchez's inaccuracy, ill advised decisions, or inability to read a defense, but having such poor pass protection at right tackle certainly made matters even worse. Wayne was actually not bad in the run game. The Jets averaged over 4 yards per carry to the right side, but they were not as productive running his way as they were with Damien Woody. If you are going to be that bad in pass protection, you had better be the most dominant run blocking tackle in the league. Hunter is not.

Cutting Hunter can save the Jets over $2 million against the cap, money that can be spent on getting a good right tackle. If the Jets want to cut him and bring him back as a backup at the league minimum, I would not have a huge problem with it, but he cannot come back at his current salary.

I vote go. How do you vote?