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Discussion: NY Jets First Round Selection History

Blair Thomas: Pass! Wish the Jets had said the same thing!
Blair Thomas: Pass! Wish the Jets had said the same thing!

Below is a list of the New York Jets first round selections in the draft during the modern era, so from 1970 to present day. So you won't see Joe Namath here or Matt Snell, the Jets 1965 and 1964 first round selections. It's for no other reason that to just have a quick flick through this off-season. Which selections do you think were steals, reaches? which hurt the team the most which helped the team the most? Open conversation.

Year Player Position College

1970 Steve Tannen Defensive Back Florida
1971 John Riggins Running Back Kansas
1972 Jerome Barkum Wide Receiver/Tight End Jackson State
1972 Mike Taylor Linebacker Michigan
1973 Burgess Owens Cornerback/Safety Miami (Florida)
1974 Carl Barzilauskas Defensive Tackle Indiana
1975 No selection No Selection No Selection
1976 Richard Todd Quarterback Alabama
1977 Marvin Powell Offensive Tackle USC
1978 Chris Ward Offensive Tackle Ohio State
1979 Marty Lyons Defensive End/Tackle Alabama
1980 Johnny Lam Jones Wide Receiver Texas
1981 Freeman McNeil Running Back UCLA
1982 Bob Cradle Linebacker Notre Dame
1983 Ken O'Brien Quarterback UC-Davis
1984 Russell Carter Cornerback/Safety Southern Methodist
1984 Ron Faurot Defensive End/Tackle Arkansas
1985 Al Toon Wide Receiver Wisconsin
1986 Mike Haight Offensive Tackle/Guard Iowa
1987 Roger Vick Fullback Texas A&M
1988 Dave Cadigan Offensive Tackle/Guard USC
1989 Jeff Lageman Linebacker Virginia
1990 Blair Thomas Running Back Penn State
1991 No Selection No Selection No Selection
1992 Johnny Mitchell Tight End Nebraska
1993 Marvin Jones Linebacker Florida State
1994 Aaron Glenn Cornerback Texas A&M
1995 Kyle Brady Tight End Penn State
1995 Hugh Douglas Defensive End Central Ohio
1996 Keyshawn Johnson Wide Receiver USC
1997 James Farrior Linebacker Virginia
1998 No Selection No Selection No Selection
1999 No Selection No Selection No Selection
2000 Shaun Ellis Defensive End Tennessee
2000 John Abraham Linebacker/End South Carolina
2000 Chad Pennington Quarterback Marshall
2000 Anthony Becht Tight End West Virginia
2001 Santana Moss Wide Receiver Miami (Florida)
2002 Bryan Thomas Defensive End Alabama-Birmingham
2003 Dewayne Robertson Defensive Tackle Kentucky
2004 Jonathan Vilma Linebacker Miami (Florida)
2005 No Selection No Selection No Selection
2006 D'Brickashaw Ferguson Offensive Tackle Virginia
2006 Nick Mangold Centre Ohio State
2007 Darrelle Revis Cornerback Pittsburgh
2008 Vernon Gholston Defensive End Ohio State
2008 Dustin Keller Tight End Purdue
2009 Mark Sanchez Quarterback USC
2010 Kyle Wilson Cornerback Boise State
2011 Muhammad Wilkerson Defensive line Temple

So of the 45 selections we have made in the first round since the Modern Era began in 1970, 23 have been on the offensive side of the ball and 22 have been on the defensive side of the football. 2006/2007 seems to be a pretty strong period for the current crop. I expect Blair Thomas to be amongst the choice for worst selections along with Vernon Gholston, Johnny Mitchell and probably Dewayne Robertson as well although I didn't think we helped Robertson.

Debate away!