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Puppy Bowl

If you are looking for some alternative programming for tomorrow's game, Animal Planet is having its annual Puppy Bowl tomorrow, where they have puppies run around a miniature football field for two hours with footballs. This apparently is an actual competition with a winner based on how many puppies carry balls into the end zone.

A reader named Monica was kind enough to send us a video previewing the event and this e-mail.

Hey John,
First of all, my husband and I love Gang Green Nation, keep up the good work :)
So, I asked my husband to send you this video but he wouldn't because he thought you guys wouldn't care. I told him that you guys would love it because it's realated to football and it's got puppies (I mean what's not to love about puppies and football). Anyway, I'm sending it to you myself, post it if you think other fans would like it, I think they would.

We here at GGN like to avoid marital disputes, but I was actually planning on writing about the Puppy Bowl anyway so score one for Monica. Monica, just please don't be too hard on your husband. Any loyal reader of GGN is a good man. Monica's husband,realize you are lucky to be married to a very smart woman.

Puppy Bowl takes place on Animal Planet starting at 3:00 PM Eastern tomorrow. It will not overlap with the Super Bowl, but it might at least give you a nice distraction from all of the pregame hype.