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Who Are You Rooting For in Super Bowl XLVI?

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You have to pick in this post. You cannot root for both teams to lose. You cannot root for a meteor to hit the stadium. Which team are you rooting for Sunday in Super Bowl XLVI?

I will be pulling for the Giants just because I view the Patriots as a much bigger and more bitter rival. My dislike for an opponent the Jets see twice a year with plenty of players, coaches, and front office members switching sides trumps a team the Jets see once every four years in a game with any meaning.

I get that some will probably pull for the Pats, though. I am sure some of you have insufferable Giants fans to deal with as friends and family. The Giants and their fans also seem pretty obsessed lately with the Jets. How many shots do they take in the press even though Week 16 was over a month ago? Were the Jets constantly talking about the Giants during their deep postseason runs the last two years? They can do whatever they want since they won, but isn't it kind of sad the Jets are so in their heads that they won't stop talking about them? For a team that claims to hate talking, they sure do their share of trash talk. At least the Jets don't put up a fake air of being above smack talk.

Let us know. Who are you pulling for?