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Potential Jets: Dwight Lowery

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Of all the moves Mike Tannebaum made in 2011, one could argue the trading of Dwight Lowery right before the start of the season made the least sense. The team got only a late round pick in return. The move destroyed the safety depth. Instead of having what looked like a solid rotation of a strong pass defender in Lowery, a versatile guy in Brodney Pool, and run stoppers in Jim Leonhard and Eric Smith, the team traded Lowery, buried Pool on the bench, and rolled with Smith and Leonhard. The rest is history.

Lowery was the converted cornerback the Jets moved to safety due to injuries near the end of 2010. He was excellent at the position in college. He showed some really good signs at the end of that year for the Jets. Dwight's strength was never man to man coverage, but most tight ends are easier to cover than wide receivers so he had a leg up there. Where he is really good was playing centerfield. He has adequate range and excellent instincts. He is something of a ballhawk.

Dwight is small for the safety position at 5'11" and 198 pounds. He is not overly physical as a run stopper. With the league geared more and more to the passing game with athletic tight ends, the ability to play the run has become more of a luxury and the ability to play the pass more of a necessity when it comes to the safety position. Even if his average athleticism will prevent him from ever being a star, Dwight is solid against the pass.

He is probably going to be affordable and surely an upgrade over what the Jets had at safety in 2011. He also knows the system. The question is whether the Jets can get over whatever problem they had with him that made the team inexplicably trade him. My guess is whatever the problem was has not gone away, and I am not sure the egos involved would be willing to admit a mistake.

I do not think Dwight Lowery would be the greatest signing in the history of mankind, but I think he would be a definite upgrade so I would not have an issue with the Jets bringing him back. Would you?