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Josh Baker: Stay or Go?

Josh Baker ended up on the roster as a result of Jeff Cumberland's injury. The undrafted free agent from Northwest Missouri State made enough of an impact in preseason to stick on the practice squad early in the year before Cumberland's injury earned him a promotion.

Baker was an unsung guy in his time with the Jets. He served as a second fullback and third tight end and also got work on special teams. At 244 pounds, he is small for a tight end. He is more of an h-back, in short essentially a hybrid of the tight end and fullback positions. In limited action, he looked decent as a blocker and nimble with the ball in his hands.

Baker made some plays when he had the chance. His big kickoff return in the fourth quarter against the Redskins when they were trying to kick it away from Joe McKnight gave a struggling offense a short field. Baker also scored a touchdown running a route from the backfield against the Giants. He also played pretty well on special teams.

Guys at the back of the roster usually need to play well on special teams to earn their keep. They should also ideally be young, cheap, and with potential to develop. Baker fits all of these descriptions. His knack for big plays and on special teams makes him worth keeping. I think he has at least earned a chance to fight for a roster spot next year. He might never amount to anything, but he also might be a really good h-back, a decent blocker who is quick enough to burn linebackers when he goes out on routes.

I vote stay. How do you vote?