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Plaxico Burress "Open To Return"

Rich Cimini is reporting that Plaxico Burress has said that the door is open to a return with the Jets

"As far as I understand, they pretty much left the door open for me to make a decision to come back,"

First of all I wasn't 100% against bringing Plaxico in last year, I wanted to see what he had and he did a job in 2011 in the endzone. However the bottom line for me is we paid a 34 year old receiver too much, a guy who can't separate from any defender any more and who disappeared between the 20's. A guy who then spent this off-season campaigning for a move to the Eagles.

I don't want Plax, I want us to bring in some fresh young wide receiver talent. We have Santonio as the Diva, we have Kerley as the slot #3 guy, now we need that playmaker, that guy who puts everything on the line and can get downfield and hit a home run. If that is a free agent, then so be it. However it's likely coming from the draft, Floyd I would love, Hill I would love, McNutt I would love, Plax? I couldn't think of anything worse.

I'm not saying that Plax didn't do a decent job for us last year, he scored some TD's and was a red zone target. However I want more, I don't want these ageing players who only contribute in certain downs. So Plax, what you meant to say is I would consider coming back if I don't get interest on the FA market. Sorry but not interested.