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Jets Give Bart Scott Permission to Seek Trade

There are reports today from Manish Mehta, Jake Steinberg, and others that the Jets have given ILB Bart Scott permission to seek a trade. It's no secret that the Jets would like to cut Scott's salary, or him as a player. Since Scott is unwilling to do so, it seems that he will try and get traded. To simply cut Scott would leave a significant amount of dead cap money.

I can't say I'm thrilled about this move, mostly because I love Scott dearly, and think he's very underrated. Lately he's had to cede playing time as he is unable to cover in space, yet he does a lot of the grunt work and opens up plays, especially in the run game. I do understand however why the Jets are willing to move on, and hopefully get something out of it. Hopefully they will draft or sign someone in FA that can take on Scott's role and bookend to David Harris.

What do you all think? What, at a minimum, should we accept for a Scott trade?